Chatting About Unkillable Cannibals and Awkward Dinner Parties

Recent podcast guest appearances 

As we plod toward recording Season 2 of our podcast (coming this fall) I have some good news!

You can hear Jess and I as the guests on the history comedy podcast Historical AF in a brand new episode “An Unkillable Cannibal & A Bad Bromance” where we bring to life the story of just how hard it was to kill Andrew Jackson and the host Kyna talks about the first presidential smear campaign between founding frenemies John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

Historical AF bills itself as “a boozy and foul-mouthed comedy podcast” so of course it was right up our alley. We had a blast talking about history (and the history we’re living through) over some giggle water, and you should check it out here.

I was also recently a guest on The Delicious Story podcast where I talked with host Sherry Borzo about the early presidents and food.

In the episode “When Living In The Past Is Good For You” I shared what I’ve learned from reading about the presidents and which president I’d like to have dinner with and why. The answer, surprisingly, does not involve an Adams. Sherry was also a great sport dealing with a technical issue on my end that made it sound like I was calling her from inside Grant’s tomb. You can listen to the episode here.

We’re gearing up for an exciting second season of Plodding Through The Presidents, and we can’t wait to share it with you!


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