Mary Hellen’s Real Life Game of “F*ck Marry Kill” With The Adams Boys

She’s wild. She’s shameful. She’s their cousin.

Soon after young Mary Hellen moved in with her aunt Louisa and her uncle John Quincy Adams, Louisa described her as “a very fine girl, but a little wild.” Louisa took her out of school and taught her at home. Mary was making good progress and Louisa wrote to her youngest son, Charles Francis, that Mary was “a fine natural genius, and though she is not so advanced in her education as you are, you must take care that she does not overtake you—.”

Louisa meant “overtake” academically, but Mary Hellen overtook Charles Francis Adams—and his older brothers, George Washington Adams and John Adams II—in very different ways.

We dig into her real life game of “F*ck Marry Kill” with her cousins in this episode of the podcast titled “Mary Hellen’s Petticoat Magic.”

Listen now:


Biographers have called Mary Hellen “provocative,” a “vixen,” and “a dangerous flirt” who tormented the Adams brothers. We have diary entries and letters from Charles Francis, John Quincy, and Louisa Adams that help us piece together these events, but what we don’t have is Mary Hellen’s side of the story.

What we’re left with is a story that tells us more about the Adams family’s crushing pressure, repression, and vulnerability than it does about the character of Mary Hellen.


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