Why John Adams Hated Benjamin Franklin

An 18th Century Odd Couple

In this episode, the second of three in our Franklin series, we dig into the rivalry between these founders—a rivalry that existed mostly but not completely within John Adams’s head.

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John Adams and Benjamin Franklin first met in 1775 at the Second Continental Congress when they stood alongside each other in the fight for American independence. Well, John stood anyway. He stood and he yelled and he argued and he wrote. The 69-year-old Franklin quietly sat, and sometimes even slept in his chair. That was the beginning of Adams’s contempt for the most famous man in the world—a contempt that would span continents and decades and even lifetimes.

To Franklin, Adams was a paranoid arrogant by-the-book nuisance. To Adams, Franklin was a lazy, immoral, cunning phony who hogged the spotlight. In this episode we dig into what exactly made Adams say that Franklin’s “whole life has been one continued insult to good manners and to decency” and what made Franklin say that Adams was “always an honest man, often a wise one, but sometimes, and in some things, absolutely out of his senses.”

On November 29, we’ll dive more into Franklin’s “indecent” behavior and what he described in his own words as his “hard-to-be-governed passion.”

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