Mount Vernon’s Stone of Secrets

Mount Vernon’s Oldest Mystery and Newest Legend

In our third and final episode on George Washington’s Mount Vernon—and our most personal—we dive into the cellar for a centuries-old-mystery and a more modern legend. A “cornerstone” that predates Mount Vernon’s mansion was placed by George Washington in the cellar, and its true origins remain a mystery. That stone inspired a pivotal prop in the film National Treasure: Book of Secrets which in turn inspired a story (or legend?) about how the filmmakers may have wanted to alter that prop, and how the Mount Vernon team stood up to them.

Listen now:

Along the way we explore how the War of Jenkins’ Ear got its name, what the War of 1812 might have smelled like, and what happened when air conditioning came to Mount Vernon.

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The LW Stone, from MountVernon.org

Original Mount Vernon map drawing for National Treasure: Book of Secrets, by Ross MacDonald


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