Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is this podcast called “Plodding Through The Presidents?” In retrospect, maybe going with a word that literally means “slow and boring” wasn’t the best choice, since we try to be anything but. The name comes from the blog I started in 2013 as part of a project to read a biography of every US president in order. It didn’t go as planned. I fell in love with the founding era—the wild personalities, the dynamic relationships, the wealth of primary sources about some of these folks and their families! So that’s where I decided to dig in, diving into lesser-known stories from this era, along with Jess who brings out the best in me and these stories.

So while there are fantastic podcasts that go through each presidency in chronological order, this isn’t one of them. This podcast is more like a TARDIS that takes you to random places in the early United States.


Where can I listen? You can find Plodding Through The Presidents almost anywhere you listen to podcasts, including: Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts Stitcher TuneIn IHeartRadio Overcast Pandora and more!

You can also listen to full episodes right here at PlodPod.com.


Your podcast is listed as “explicit” – what’s up with that? We talk about some of the private lives of the founders, which can include some adult themes. And sometimes, when discussing the past conversationally, it’s difficult not to swear if you’re me or my wife. I recommend listening and then deciding for yourself whether to expose the podcast to your parents.


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Thanks for plodding along with us! –Howard and Jess