The Podcast

After six years of sharing stories here and on Facebook, historical blogger Howard Dorre and his wife Jess are bringing some of their favorite stories from the blog’s past – and some brand new ones – to a Plodding through the Presidents podcast!

This season covers some dramatic relationships between the early presidents with healthy doses of romance, scandal, and revenge – all with the same irreverent focus on the truth the blog is known for.

Season 1:



Episode 1 – John & Abigail & Smallpox (Show Notes)


Episode 2 – Jefferson’s Broken Heart and Wrist (Show Notes)


Episode 3 – The Scandalmonger’s Revenge (Show Notes)


Episode 4 – A Tale of Two Stepsons (Show Notes)


Episode 5 – John Quincy Adams vs. The Internet (Show Notes)


Episode 6 – Andrew Jackson’s Slut-Shaming Evolution (Show Notes)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I listen?
You can find us almost anywhere you listen to podcasts, including:
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and more!

How can I support your efforts?
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How can I support your efforts financially? (My uncle died and I’m set to inherit $300 million but only if I can spend $30 million in 30 days with nothing to show for it.)
It sounds like you’re stuck in the underrated 1985 Richard Pryor film Brewster’s Millions. If I recall, you can only donate up to 5% or else you’ll be disqualified. The podcast is 100% free, but if you really want to use some of your uncle’s money to support our efforts, you can click this button:
I see your podcast is marked “explicit” – what’s up with that?

We talk about some of the private lives of the founders, which can include some adult themes. And sometimes, when discussing the past conversationally, it’s difficult not to swear if you’re me or my wife. I recommend listening and then deciding for yourself whether to expose the podcast to your parents.

Are you still going to update the blog?
Yes. I still plan to plod at least as ploddingly as ever here and share things on the Facebook page almost every single day.