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The John Adams Diet
A Revolutionary New Way of Living
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“I breakfast on chocolate.”
This is the first tenet of The John Adams Diet, because the best part of waking up is chocolate in your cup. Or poured from your cup onto your saucer where you can slurp it like the brilliant founder might have.
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Eat those vegetables
John Adams said, “I have followed the Vegetable Diet, using very little meat, now for sixty years.” He wasn’t a strict vegetarian, but meat for him (and for many at the time) was more of a condiment and occasional side than the main attraction at every meal.
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Take a walk
Adams wrote, “I walk as much as my circumstances will admit.” Sure, it’s the same advice your doctor gives you, but now maybe you’ll listen.
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Find out more...
To get the full dish, listen to "The John Adams Diet" only on Plodding Through The Presidents.
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Welcome to the home of
The John Adams Diet!

And congratulations on taking the first step of your brand new life. We understand you might have some questions, so we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions here for your enlightenment.


What is the John Adams Diet?
First of all, it’s not a diet—it’s a lifestyle. And it’s also a diet.

What is the John Adams Diet based on?
The John Adams Diet is based on the words of the prolific letter-writer and diarist, John Adams. Among the John Adams Papers available through the Massachusetts Historical Society and the National Archives’ Founders Online, you’ll find numerous references to Adams’s habits, philosophy, and diet. And now, they’ve been cobbled together into a semi-cohesive pathway to attaining the health and longevity of America’s favorite founding father.

Who is the John Adams Diet for?
It’s for anyone of any gender who wants to be husky, sassy, and brilliant through their old age. Except children or people with conditions or goals.

Magazine cover for The John Adams Diet featuring John Adams lookin' real fine, tightly buttoned into his 18th century clothes. Headlines include "What's for breakfast? Chocolate!" "Are you getting enough HARD CIDER?" "The Vegetable Diet plus BACON!" "Read Write Walk Repeat" "Declaring your calves to be self-evident" and "Find out more at John Adams Diet dot com."

How long did John Adams live?
He lived to be 90 years old in 1826. With inflation, that’s 140 years old today.

Was John Adams in good health when he died?
He was not. He was nearly blind, had lost all his teeth, and could barely speak but he was vibin’.

Of all people, why John Adams?
Um, have you seen these calves?

Shin goals!

Where can I learn more about the John Adams Diet?
You can find out more about the John Adams Diet in the season premiere of the podcast Plodding Through The PresidentsFebruary 13, 2024. Hosts Howard and Jess will dive into the tenets of the John Adams Diet and what it can do for you. You can follow and listen to the podcast at plodpod.com. and you can read and hear more about John Adams on the Plodding Through The Presidents John Adams posts.

Is the John Adams Diet FDA approved?
YES! If FDA stands for Founding Daddy Adams. As far as the Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory bodies, this diet has not been approved, evaluated, or acknowledged. In addition, it has also not been tested on humans. Ask your doctor if the John Adams Diet is right for you. Results not typical. The John Adams Diet is not a lifesaving device. For entertainment purposes only. Keep in a cool dry place. Stay classy. If you miss a John Adams Diet, don’t take another; wait until your next dosage. Never meet your heroes.

Are there recipes or products I can buy to help me follow the John Adams diet?
You might be thinking of Jenny Craig. John Adams didn’t leave behind recipes to follow, with the exception of a recipe for making manure. The John Adams Diet does not manufacture or sell meals, but you can purchase a John Adams Diet mug which you can use to drink your favorite healthy fluids.

How do I sign up for the John Adams Diet?
It’s not really something you sign up for, so much as it is something that sort of happens to you. When you’re on it, you’ll know. Until then, you can sign up for our mailing list to get all the latest.

If you have questions about the John Adams Diet, you can reach us at johnadamsdiet@gmail.com. Please do not send us faxes. Our machine is still broken because fax are stubborn things.