Ghosts of the White House & New England with Jeff Belanger

“History is a ghost story.”

New England Legends host and paranormal author and investigator Jeff Belanger joins us to talk about his first ghost sighting, why there are so many legends in New England, the long history of hauntings in the White House, and the value of a ghost story in teaching history.

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But first, we take a look at what some sources have called the most famous White House ghost story—the encounter between a naked Winston Churchill and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. This detailed story seems to go back as far as 2008 and has made its way to USA Today, The Washington Post, and countless books and blogs, but Churchill expert Richard Langworth thoroughly debunks it—multiple people have reported seeing Lincoln’s ghost, but Winston Churchill is not one of them.

After the interview, Jess opens up about a ghostly experience she had in Sin City.

For more information about Jeff Belanger, visit his website jeffbelanger.com.


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Churchill’s Ersatz Meeting with Lincoln’s Ghost” by Richard Langworth, RichardMLangworth.com


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